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Are you tired of being asked to repeat yourself over and over again?

Do you feel like your accent is holding you back from personal and professional opportunities?

Have you spent hours scouring the internet to find free resources to change your speech?


We understand the frustration of being misunderstood by native English speakers due to differences in pronunciation.

Our American English speech improvement programs are designed to meet your specific needs and help you achieve your goals.

Adapt your accent for the American workplace

The truth is, we all have an accent. The General American Accent is its own unique accent and is most commonly used in the American workplace. This accent can be quite tricky - especially if English isn't your first language.

Don't worry, improving your pronunciation and spoken English skills can be easily learned through one of our speech improvement programs. Through our systematic training and practice, you can count on improvement in three areas:


You'll be able to connect with your clients, patients, and colleagues on a deeper level.


Be able to say what you mean, and be understood - the first time.

Quality of Life

Invest in yourself and create positive change in your present and future self.

Hi there, I'm Tyler!


I'm a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist with extensive fieldwork and clinical training in phonetics, linguistics, and accent modification. I have a passion for helping people (like you!) improve their American English pronunciation, intonation, and communication effectiveness by utilizing evidence-based techniques


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Our Process


30 min Zoom speech assessment to determine individualized needs


12-week online course consisting of video lessons based on findings


Feedback provided by Master's-trained Speech Pathologist


Improved communication skills in American English

Our Programs

Online Course

  • 30 min Zoom speech assessment
  • Online course consisting of individualized video lessons based on assessment findings
  • Listening, reading, & conversational practice
  • 24/7 Q&A access to Speech Pathologist

Online Course + Coaching

  • 30 min Zoom speech assessment
  • Online course consisting of individualized video lessons based on assessment findings
  • Listening, reading, & conversational practice
  • Monthly 45 min Zoom training meetings with Speech Pathologist
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What are people saying about us?

Carlos S.

Musician, Los Angeles, CA

"This program was really important for me to clearly understand the differences between my native language, Portuguese, and English. Everyone who learned English as a second language should enroll to comprehend why one sounds different than a native speaker."

Arisha A.

Physician, Dallas, TX

"Tyler is a true professional. I went from feeling self-conscious and shy to feeling like I have control and confidence in my English-speaking abilities. I have noticed major improvement in my clarity of speech. My patients and colleagues have also noticed a big difference."

Kim C.

Account Manager, Chicago, IL

"This step-by-step program is far and away better than any of the previous accent modification training that I have received. Tyler is such a personable and excellent instructor, he made learning the American English accent surprisingly fun!"

Varun P.

Software Engineer, San Jose, CA

"This course showed me sounds I did not recognize before, but now I hear everywhere! That was the best part of the course, and is why I believe it is a great price, because once you know all the techniques, you can continue improving your whole life."


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